Chelsea Rose


Known for her dark and whimsical portrayal of third eye bearing feminine creatures, Chelsea Rose Rippel AKA LucidRose evokes mankind’s curious penchant of being equal parts seduced and repulsed by the unknowable, fantastical and weird. Within familiar yet unidentifiable realms her creature ladies haunt the viewer with hypnotic gazes, daring us to see our own hidden mystery and the way it connects all who live. Creating in acrylic paint, pen and ink and tea staining; Chelsea’s inspiration is a patchwork of ancient lore, fantasy and paranormal theory. While working on canvas and reclaimed wood in her eclectic home studio is a solitary and deeply cathartic act, Chelsea has also cultivated a collaborative relationship with street art and revels in the challenge of using spray painted mural work to raise large scale immersive experiences that are accessible to local and global community. Originally from the West Coast, now 31 and living in the misty Northwest hills of Portland Oregon, Chelsea describes herself as a “silly little woman who loves to paint and drink tea.” When asked how her creative process begins and ends she has replied “I trust and follow the goose bumps.”