Chelsea Rose


Chelsea Rose Rippel grew up on the boardwalk of Venice Beach, California immersed in an eclectic network of folk and outsider artists. Chelsea began her art instruction at the Venice Arts Mecca, a community based art program for local under represented youth. Now creating within her cozy home studio space located in Portland Oregon; Chelsea specializes in acrylic painting, pen and ink illustration, mural painting and body painting. The nature of Chelsea’s art is highly psychedelic, often reflecting her fascination with ancient lore, mystical creatures, the sacred feminine, tea culture, paranormal theory and victorian fashion and architecture aesthetics. A vast majority of Chelsea's work features what can be often described as three eyed "creature ladies." These beings are her own explorations of the strangeness of mind, body, spirit and the quirky ways they all collide within us and within worlds imagined, dreamed, parallel or tangible. Chelsea Rose's creature ladies are also an exploration of powerful and unknowable beings like Goddessss and extra terrestrials and how we may contain very real aspects of that "otherness" within our selves.